Newport Pool

Newport Beach by Oat Vaiyaboon

I have photographed Newport Tidal Pool a couple of times now.  I enjoy photographing this pool because of the simplicity of the lines and shapes of the pool.  The pool is also a bit different from most of the other tidal pools that are built on the rocks… this pool seems to rise out of the sand and the Southern End of Newport Beach.From the car park the pool is a few hundred meters walk South.  The pool is tucked away and is quite remote.

Special Photographic Features or Notes

The types of shots you get of Newport pool will depend a lot on the tide and swell.  From crystal calm water to surging ocean.  So check the tides and swells to ensure that they suit the type of shot you have in mind.  Personally I think Newport is more interesting to photograph on a medium to high tide.

It is also worth a bit of a walk around the South as there are some reasonable rock formations South of the Pool.

Night Photography

Newport pool is a great place for night photography as it is one of the few pools that don’t have those crappy Sodium Vapour light illuminating them at night.  I shot this image of the pool at the tail end of dusk.

Special Equipment

You don’t really need any special equipment for Newport, it is a very accessible location to shoot.

Best Time of The Day

Pre-dawn and sunrise of course.  However also a great pool to shoot at night.

Tidal Information

You can shoot Newport Pool on any tide… it will look pretty different with different tides as you can see from the 3 images above.

Wind Information

Reasonably exposed to everything other than Westerly Winds.

Getting there

Click Here to see the location marked on Google Maps

Newport pool is very easy to find and you could easily shoot this location without an advance recce.  Just head to Newport Surf Lifesaving Club and walk South down the beach… You can’t miss it.

For the closest parking, head to the Boulevarde and you will see a track down to the beach.   Cuts the beach walk in half.

Author Bio

Brent Pearson


  1. Darren Pearce November 9, 2008

    This used to be my local swimming pool when I was living on the beaches, will have to get back up there one morning to see what it is like to photograph. I wish I’d been in to photography when I lived there, I’d be doing a lot less driving.

  2. Anonymous March 28, 2009

    Thanks for the guide — I’m planning to head to Newport tomorrow.

    The concept of night photography could be quite interesting, but rather than heading out tonight and then going at dawn, I’ll turn up while it’s still very dark and do my “night” photography then. The sun is rising at a nicer time of the morning at this stage of the year.

    The fact that there are no sodium vapour lights is very good news, as these things really make dawn tidal pool photography difficult.

    Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s sky is magical. A medium and rising tide is expected, so I might get in the thick of it and get some rushing water.

    Nice shots, here, BTW.

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