Springbrook National Park – Twin Falls Circuit

Springbrook plateau section of this heritage listed national park is only 29 klm from Mudgereeba – a short drive that will put you another world away.

Special Photographic Features or Notes

The drive from Mudgereeba to Springbook is a good road although winding and narrow at times, so take your time and enjoy the journey. There are a couple of lookouts on the way with views back to the Gold Coast, although on this visit, low cloud made for a total white-out! Driving through the forest in a whiteout was surreal.

The park offers 6 outsatnding attractions, Wunburra Lookout, Canyon Lookout, Best Of All Lookout, Purlingbrook Falls Circuit, Twin Falls Circuit and Warrie Circuit. The first 5 are “doable’, the Warrie Circuit at about 17 klms return is for the hardened trekker only – see the EPA Map of walking tracks here.

The twin falls circuit is approx 4 klms – allow 2 hours walking time to be safe. The track is wel marked and includes signboards with lots of information. It is a steep descent and remember – what goes down has to come back up again!! The circuit is well and truly worth it tho!

Special Equipment

A Tripod is a must! Most of the images above were taken before 9 AM on a totally foggy morn! The fog allowed us a lot of latitde – ND filters on a normal day would also be a must! Yet again – this is a national park – take in what you need in terms of food and water and leave only footprints. There are a couple of great Cafes to enjoy after you come out or enjoy an old fashioned picnic.

Refer to the EPA site below re track ratings but our suggestions:-

Don’t rush – enjoy the journey
Hiking boots essential – the track is narrow slippery and wet!!

Best Time of Day

Early early morn or late afternoon unless you strike a foggy day! On a previous visit – the lookouts, particularly Best of All, were absolutely spectacular!

Additional Information

Plenty of information on other things to do and directions are available from the EPA Website. Also see Google Maps.

As a bonus, why not do the circuit through the Numimbah valley and check out Natural Bridge as well.

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