South Lombok Island

Lombok is the next Island to the east of Bali, if offers fantastic photographic opportunities. This guide only covers the southern tip. Hopefully I will get the chance to revisit and see the rest of this fantastic Island. The Island has white isolated beaches, beautiful seascapes, local villages and markets. The people are friendly and in most cases love to have their pictures taken.

Local Warong owner and daughter

We were even invited into a local wedding. The local kids and even some adults ask to have their photo’s taken.

the lagoon
The Lagoon in front of the Novatel Hotel – Kuta Beach

Special Photographic Features

We stayed at the Novatel Hotel near  Kuta Beach ( Kute Beach) (same name as the Bali beach).

Beach in front of the Novatel Hotel

Within easy walking from the hotel there are several beaches, with interesting headlands.

The old bridge to the east of the hotel

To the east walk cross over the old bridge and along the road to a local surfing beach.

Local surf break and Warong

To the west there is another beach, with monkeys in the trees in the hill at the end.

Lombok monkey

Directly in front of the hotel is a lagoon with very interesting headlands at each end. The tide varies greatly during the day and the seascape is changing constantly.

Low tide

Further to the west is village of Kuta. Don’t miss the local market day and watch out for the horse drawn carts.

Local horse drawn cart

Check out the local fishing village at the end of the street near the markets.

A Boat builder in the fishing village

Hire a car and driver and within an hours drive there are some fantastic isolated white sand beaches.

White sand beach

There is also a great cafe of top of the mountain overlooking Kuta Beach which offers great vegetarian food and great views.

View overlooking Kuta Beach area. The Novatel is before the rocky hill in the middle of the image.

Night Photography

The only night shoots I took was the full moon raising over the lagoon and night shoots around the hotel

The super moon setting  over the lagoon

Early morning  near the hotel.

Special Equipment

A Tripod is  handy, filters etc…
A super zoom  is handy to capture the surfing shots. We had problems with the humidly fogging up our lens and cameras in the early morning.

Best Time of The Day

Sunrise as always great, the sun rises over the local rice fields and the sun sets over  the ocean.

Getting there

Lombok is a short flight or long boat trip from Bali. We stayed at the Novatel Hotel near Kuta Beach (same name as the Bali beach). This is a short trip in a car from the main airport. The Novatel is very nice with it’s own beach , villas and pools. It has specials on from time to time and is not too expensive, the rooms range from private villas with  pools to cheaper hotel rooms.   There are other hotels  cheaper around Kuta Beach. The main roads on Lombok are not to bad, but leave the main roads and they are very rough.

You can either hire your own motor bike or hire a car with a driver . just walk outside the hotel and a car will appear.

Author Bio

Graham Grocott

I live in Bundeena Australia, which is a small village south of Sydney. It is enclosed by the Royal National Park , the Pacific Ocean and the Port Hacking river. The area provides unlimited opportunities to take photographs. I have a website and I am a member of the Sutherland Shire Amateur Photography Society. My wife and I have been going to Bali for several years where we spend most of time traveling and taking pictures.

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