Lake Gilawarna

This is one of my favourite places EVER to photographer at. Every time I go there I see something new. Lake Gilawarna is part of a large park system in Georges Hall, NSW (Western Sydney)

Lake Gilawarna is a massive bird sanctuary, which mainly consist of Ibis, however I have seen, Eagles, Spoonbills, Australian Darter and little baby Cygnets riding on their mothers backs. There are too many species of birds there to name.  Last time I was there I was bust taking photos of a family of new born wild ducklings.

Special Photographic Features or Notes.

TAKE WATER WITH YOU!! This is mainly a comment to myself, as I always forget and almost die of thirst (wherever I go shooting). When I go to Lake Gilawarna I take a long lens with me, I don’t usually bother with a tripod, but I have seen other photographers use them there.

Best time of day.

Early morning and late afternoons always have the best light. I tend to go late in the afternoon, as after shooting at the lake I make my way to the top of the hill (at the edge of the reserve) and shoot good sunsets. It has a great view of the Blue Mountains there.

Getting there.

I apologise I do not know of public transport details but it should have a bus running past it. The lake is near Bankstown Airport. It is on Henry Lawson Drive, at Georges Hall, NSW.

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