Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is around 10min drive from three sisters, the waterfall is very nice, and water is crystal clear. The area is quiet wet all year, and plenty of water for your waterfall photo. Just drive east along Cliff Drive from the Scenic Railway you can discover the Cascades and walk to Katoomba Falls.

Special Photographic Features or Notes.

There are two good photo locations of katoomba falls that I know. Most people will go and take photo of the tall falls, however, I found the short falls is more interesting for photo.

Especially if you want close-up waterfall, and don’t want to walk a long distance with your heavy photo gears. The waterfall is just 5min walk from the car park, very easy to get to.

The short waterfall is covered by bushy, you should be able to get good photo most of the time, except when the sun is directly above.

Night Photography

No idea, never tried.

Special Equipment

  1. Lens, wide angle. The waterfall is smaller than you think, pack a 14-35mm lens.
  2. Tripod
  3. ND filter
  4. CPL or Polarizer filter
  5. Bug spray if you decide to walk into the lookout.
  6. Water-proof shoes, the road can get very well.

Best Time of the Day

Almost any time in the day except when the sun is directly above you.

Getting there

Google Map

I drive and park at Cliff drive. See Google map.

Useful Links.

  1. Blue mtn Aus
  2. Three sisters Wik
  3. NSW free photo blog – three sisters
  4. My FlickrĀ – hkfroggy

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Richard Wong

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  1. Ed Cobb January 11, 2014

    Re: Katoomba Falss

    Thanks for this guide. Just to clarify – Katoomba Falls is west of The Three Sisters off Cliif Drive, not east. It is Leura Cascades which is east of The Three Sisters – also off Cliff Drive.

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