Sylvania Waters Jetty

Long accessible wharfs and jetties are rare in Australia and this one is on the back doorstep for Sydneysiders. At about 70 meters long and facing out into a large body of water, iconic photos can be taken at various times of day.

This photo was taken at dawn on a fogbound winters morning. The lens was 10mm the water still and the exposure longish on a tripod. It is called “the Path to Oblivion”.

The jetty can be accessed at any time or any tide. There is a small sandy beach after you park your car at the car park circled in red. The jetty is about 1.5 meters narrow and halfway along its length the supports are mobile so if your balance is not good or if you get vertigo beware. As no-one was around I will admit I crawled part of the way out with my tripod and camera gear my main concern.

The street Obscured is Belgrave Esplanade and this is just to the south of Tom Uglys Bridge in Sylvania Waters.

During the day and night the Captain Cook Bridge is visble across the bay and at night you will get light trails from the planes landing at Sydney Airport. This is called “The Light Fantastic”

Night Photography

A very suitable site. I think a still night and high tide work best.

Best Time of The Day

Pre-dawn and sunrise of course.  However sunset and night is also lovely.

Tidal Information

Tides won’t really be a factor for shooting Sylvania Jetty.  You can get great shots at any tide.

Wind Information

Definitely a quiet air location. Choppy water will detract from reflections. Passing afternoon storms can add drama to the sky.

Getting There

Click here to view the location in Google Maps

Author Bio

David Haworth

I travel Australia for work and enjoyment and my passion is landscape and seascape Photography. But if it moves or sits still I’ll take a photo of it. I use a reconditioned Canon 5D and an 16-35 Canon L zoom and A 24-105L. I’m trying to branch out and take more people photos and tell stories

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  1. Lee Duguid May 13, 2013

    Update regarding Private Property sign at the end of jetty: David Haworth Photography – Its a newish sign over the last year…. If you are there at dawn I’d say take the photo. The sign is probably more for swimmers and fishermen and its a pretty rickety wharf…. don’t go far out along it!

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