Glebe Tram Sheds


Glebe tram sheds, are owned by Harrold Park Paceway. You’ve probably have seen them on tv but didn’t even know it (most recently chanel 10-so you think you can dance, also a lot a ad’s get filmed there).
So to do any huge shoots (that require access to the power) you need to get permission from Harrold Park Paceway, this usually is at a cost. I’ve rang them before and asked about our class getting permission to shoot some stuff there and the girl on the fone said not to worry about ringing (unless you need a power supply) and that the worst thing that will happen is they’ll kick you out

Inside the glorious sheds are five beat up, broken, graffiti-fied trams….and one bus. the sheds are split in two by a wall, one side has trams+bus and a bunch of rooms good for exploring and the other side has some windows, a dirty pond were all the rainwaters have collected, a huge pile of blue and yellow chairs and some other random stuff. There is alot of graffiti and random stuff lying around.

its big enough to have a couple shoots going at once and not get in any ones way to much. Often some other people will come and take photosone

Some of the trams still have seats in them

Taken  on a rainy day

Rainy day

Rainy day

Sunny day

Some of the rooms on the sides are worth exploring, Bathroom above

You can view the video on the making of this image, or how I post processed it.

Night Photography

Bit dark, and I personally (being a girl) wouldn’t go there alone at night, but it could be a cool spot for long exposures/light painting…

Brent> I’ve shot here at night, and it is very creepy and freaky.  From a security perspective I would avoid this place on Friday or Saturday night unless you want to come face-to-face with the local party-goers.  I would also recommend that you shoot this with a group if you are going to photograph it at night.

Special Equipment

Maybe a tripod(depending on time of day)
Some proper shoes(broken glass/dirt/mud/etc)
Depending on it the main door is closed, some clothes you can get a little dirty

Best Time of The Day

I say weekdays because the gate is usually open, there’s less people coming in cos they’re all at work or uni etc….you get alot more people going in there on the weekend. It’s a good place to shoot midday-sun or rainy days because its most covered. Just watch where you put your stuff when its raining because the roof leaks in places.

Getting There

You can get there by light rain, get off at the jubilee park stop , and its a 3 mintue walk. If driving you you need tp be on a road called “the crescent’ and turn into chapman rd at the round’a’bout. you can usually get a Parking spot infront of the park pretty easily.

You can usually get in via the huge doors on the right.
see the map below for more details on entry:

NOTE: if the big door at the front is chained up you need to enter via the back entrance, which is a small passage way that doesnt get used alot (take a spider killing stick). if its rained recently it’ll be muddy. and you’ll have to climb 4 crates to get in.

P.S. The pin point on the map is “10 Maxwell st  Glebe NSW Australia” … makes it easier to find on googlemaps… but if your using a gps “corner of Nelson st and Chapman rd Glebe” will get you there

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Brent Pearson


  1. David Haworth April 9, 2010

    Wow — Models sure ad an extra dimension Rachael. I think I will be the last photographer I know to get to this place.I have another locale for you send me an email and I’ll give you the goods.. [email protected]

  2. Drew Duckworth April 12, 2010

    Ain’t it just an amazing place?! I went there recently, and am keen to get back:

    Would second the recommendation for strong shoes. It’s not always possible to drive right to the door, but walking access is through the gap in the fence next to the main gates.

    Why the ‘Copy of…’ in the title?

    Thanks for putting up the guide – great to share the place…

    • Rachael Muller April 12, 2010

      if you go around to the left of the where the fence starts… can just walk in near the big tree….no fence.

      ha it said “copy of” cos i copied another knol i’ve done..didnt notice…thanks its fixed

  3. Gerry Lefoe June 28, 2010

    Recent visit — Thanks so much for sharing this – a group of us from POTD site ( went there last weekend and had a great time. Very difficult to get in round the back – incredibly muddy (recommend gum boots!) and lots of broken glass, water etc etc inside. We took a small step ladder which helped get in the window round the back (several of us were over 50). Still trams and buses there so we had a magic time. Will link to some photos when I get them processed – you can see some of the others on teh POTD site.

    • Brent Pearson June 28, 2010

      Hey Gerry
      Well if you had members over 50, then you all did well. I’m sure that you trashed a few pairs of shoes in the process, but I’ll bet it added to the sense of adventure.

      I’m glad you all had a such a good time and look forward to seeing some of your shots.


  4. Lee Duguid November 9, 2010

    Thank you — Thanks for the great location. This knol came in handy when I tried to figure my way in earlier this year. I ended up re-reading it on my iPhone as I stood outside, infront of the sheds.

    Here is what I came away with:

  5. Vinh Pham December 30, 2010

    Fantastic Place! — Being an amateur photographer who had recently graduated from high school and not yet to have my P’s so that I could drive.

    2 of my mates & I set out by train & a walk to visit this place to take photo’s and it was simply a fantastic place to take photos.

    Here’s what I came up with:

    Would definitely love to know some more places easily accessible by trains.

  6. David Haworth January 4, 2011

    Heads up, doors welded shut — Only access is a muddy trek around the northern side of the building to the window in back. Climbing in is easy and the plus is you are much more likely to have the place to your self. Why would they weld the door but leave the back open??

  7. Anonymous January 6, 2011

    Went there recently. — I was there on 27 Nov 2010 and front doors were srtill open. Have they been locked since?

    Lots of water (3-4 inches) across entire floor with more running in at eastern end via a huge hose/pipe.

    BTW I found out that the tram second from right when looking from main doors was actually the last tram ever to run in Sydney.

    Many thanks for a great guide. Used it when I went there for a quick reccy and hope to go back for a proper shoot.

    Mark Moskvitch

  8. Anonymous January 6, 2011

    And….. — Don’t know how likely this is, maybe has something to do with doors being welded shut.

    Here’s a vid of the tram in action:

    Mark Moskvitch

  9. Lucky Dube February 11, 2011

    sweet location — Hey there – I’ve shot here a few times, but the last time I went I took my 7 year old daughter along
    Check out my vid – let me know what you think

  10. violet rose May 14, 2011

    wow — thanks so much for sharing, absolutely loved your video as well. What kind of video camera do you use? the quality is just great!

  11. Nerolie Goddard May 29, 2011

    recently — hi, just wondering if anyone has been in there recently?

    • Trixie Barretto March 21, 2011

      Hi Anon,

      Went there a couple of weeks ago on a cloudy sunday arvo, was pretty empty and the doors open, no problems getting in. Spent about 3 hours in there and about 3 other parties came and went during that time. Anything specific you’d like to know?

      Shot some footage if you want to get a better idea of what you’ll find in there:


    • violet rose May 14, 2011

      I was thinking the same question, thanks Trixie, i’m def. going to check it out one day.

    • Trixie Barretto May 29, 2011

      No worries Sailor, hope you enjoy your visit there and get some good photos! Best wishes, Trixie

  12. Nico Oscar July 17, 2011

    I have never been to SYD before and I’m really lucky can find this website. . ^^
    I will go there as soon as I arrived in SYD airport (3 days from now!!)

    btw, Can I get in there for free? still curious about that . .

  13. Alf Kro August 19, 2011

    Tramsheds and Harold Park Paceway sold to Mirvac. — Mirvac will be building apartments on the site of the race track.
    The tramsheds are not (yet) to be knocked down in the initial stages of the project. I have no idea if they will be preserved.
    But the whole lot has been fenced off. And they seem to be working there on saturdays too.
    So I did not try to get in. I think I missed out by a couple of weeks.

  14. Victor Zubakin September 14, 2011

    Tramsheds – no access thru main doors. — I’ve been to the Tramsheds several times before to photograph & access is now quite difficult. We were there 2 wks previously & there were double fences surrounding the site with a lot construction work. We were still able to get in & shoot. I went back there last sunday with a couple of mates for one final time – we knew time was running out there. Both the main doors were blocked with concrete barricades. There is a way in through a window at the back of the building by going around the right hand side & we got in ok but we were busted by security no more than 5mins after we got there & were asked to leave. I’m pretty sure the security guy sits up in the Harold park building to the right of the tramsheds.

    So unfortunately I think its pretty much the end of an era.

    Ciao, nikabuz.

  15. Anonymous October 4, 2011

    hardly any access left — I traveled to the tram sheds today and access is extremely difficult. we entered through a hole at the bottom of a gate just outside the exit on jubilee tram station, to then have to climb a few rocks in order to jump over a barbed wire fence. there are very narrow passageways, less then a metre wide, leading right around the sides and back of the tram sheds, giving you full view into them through caged off windows. These passageways are extremely muddy… i wouldnt wear good shoes. Apparently you could get in through a back window, but this has now been barred off. after walking the whole back of the sheds trying to find a window to get in through, we left the way we came and then went through jubilee park past the double fenced off construction site to find a plank of wood leaning up against a fence to access it by. this was extremely risky as you have to cross the whole construction site in order to access the sheds. we got in through the bent open left door which was blocked by cement barricades and had a look around for about 5 minutes before being asked to leave by security.

    the guards were actually quite reasonable and we had a pretty good conversation with them about the sheds. they said the sheds arent being knocked down as they are full of asbestos inside, and that people are going to start being arrested for trespassing soon.

    looks like there wont be many more fun adventures like the one we had today to the beautiful sheds anymore.

  16. Nick Murphy October 13, 2011

    Hardly any access at all — Me and 2 others went to check out and get some photos of the trams last night, Which ended up with 2 of us being cornered where we were hiding and then arrested and cuffed by the security guards and then handed off to police for a $350 fine for “trespassing without reason etc” and the last person out running one of the guards to freedom by jumping 2 fences in the end. As the previous comment mentioned actually getting into the building is becoming quite a hassle and requires a fair bit of determination. The only way we saw to get in was by climbing through some of the main doors which you needed to be fairly skinny or fairly skilled at climbing to get through either.

    • Anonymous October 13, 2011

      To all others wishing to enter the site let this be a warning that charges will be laid to ANYONE now caught on site…………………….

  17. Steven Spiteri October 14, 2011

    BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE — I was there last night and got arrested also, but that was after i was chased down by 2 Guard dogs i think rotweilers and a huge black guard about 6 foot 140 kilo monster. im over this shed. to risky coppers fined me also. not worth the pain of a dog chewing on my ass for some photo ops

    • Brent Pearson October 14, 2011

      Hey Steven

      Sorry to hear about your misadventures. Sounds like this location is over as a photographic location.

      It’s a shame, but I hope plenty of photographers did get the chance to photograph it.


  18. Xenia Novosilska November 13, 2011

    Doesn’t worth!! — Guys, we’ve been arrested there yesterday – on Sunday evening.
    Police officers asked us to warn others about new conditions in tram sheds.

    After reading comments I see that we were lucky… no dogs. If there were any, we would leave all our photo equipment there..

  19. Sam Smith November 15, 2011

    Chased by vicious dogs and got arrested and charged — Last night me and 2 friends went to the tram sheds to take a few photos that were trying to get before they knock down the tram sheds, then all of a sudden me and my 2 friends that were there were chased by 2 german shepherds and one massive rotweiler, the dogs were foaming at the mouth, me and my friends managed to get on the roof of a shipping container and we were safe from the dogs where the dogs could not get to us, then after 5 minutes later 6 security guards turned up to where we were and got a hold of the dogs then told us to get down from the container, the security guards then handcuffed me and my friends and told us we were under arrest, the police then came and took us to the police station, where we were all charged with break and enter and trespass without reason, the security guards also had video footage of me and my friends cutting the fence to get to the tram sheds as they have secuirty cameras hidden in the trees facing the fence lines. If anyone is thinking of going there to take photos it isnt a good idea as you might get bitten by dogs or arrested.

  20. Hayden Shepherd January 2, 2012

    Security guards, cameras and dogs. Not recommended. — I came here as a photographer with a pair of acrobats to take some photos on Friday. I didn’t realise it was so heavily patrolled. We were arrested when leaving, the police were called and the security guard insisted that any photos we took had to be deleted.

    I feel terrible for the security guard that arrested us. Surely he suffered a horrendous trauma during childhood because in his winter years he’s decidedly bitter without even a glimmer of compassion for his fellow man. His saddening lust for power has resulted workplace overcompensation… and it’s… well it’s such a shame.

    The building is apparently heritage listed and won’t be torn down. If you’re looking for cool warehouses, I’d recommend looking elsewhere.

  21. Oyuki Morgan March 23, 2012

    Harold Park and Tram Depot are being redeveloped by Mirvac — Harold Park and the adjoining Tram Depot are being redeveloped by Mirvac to house 1200 apartments

    The Rozelle Tramway Depot Tramsheds are Heritage listed and

  22. Anonymous April 4, 2012

    All okay or just lucky? — hey guys just wanted to say that I went into Glebe Tram Sheds today with a friend and we left pleasurably through the front gates because there were no workers or dogs, but to get in we had to climb through the roof which was a lot easier than it sounds so I don’t know whether we were just lucky or not. I just though. should mention that becaus this website has helped me a lot. Thanks

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  24. Caroline May 25, 2013

    Hiya… My fiancé and I were hoping to have our wedding photos done at the tram yard but after reading these posts and seeing the development that’s currently underway there we’re looking for somewhere else.
    We love the idea of an old abandond graffiti covered space.
    Can anyone recommend somewhere similar we could do our photos?

  25. Tilly Clement July 23, 2013

    I’m about to go there next weekend (3rd August) hoping to take photos for a school photography project…. Does anyone know how far the development has gotten and if there are any trams left?? Any help will be much appreciated! 🙂

  26. Casey Jo August 3, 2014

    Hey ,

    I was wandering if someone had any information on the new owner’s of
    this building ? if so could someone please message me details 🙂 .

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