Turimetta is both a hidden jewel and also a popular spot for Sydney seascape enthusiasts.  Located just North of Narrabeen, it’s not a beach that you will stumble upon.. you have to know it is there and seek it out to find it.  The beach is remote and secluded and has no surf life saving club or direct road access.  However the beautiful golden sands, unspoilt beauty and lovely slab rocks make Turimetta a favorite with the locals.

Turimetta is located between North Narrabeen and Mona Vale

The Southern part of the beach is probably the most photogenic, with lovely angular rocks stacked up against the ocean.  However there are isolated rocks in the middle of the beach as well.   The Northern end of the beach is also worth wondering around, although the rocks here are quite typical of those found on any Sydney beach.  If the tides are medium to low, it is worth walking around the Southern rock shelf to the photogenic baths of North Narrabeen, this is a short and easy 10 min walk one-way.  Even if the tide comes in over the rock shelf, you can rock-hop across the boulders bordering the cliff to get back.

Special Photographic Features or Notes

At certain times of the year Turimetta can be covered in a bright (almost neon) green weed that lasts for just a few weeks.  This tends to be in the Winter months around September or early October.

Green Weed Cove
The Changing Sands…

One thing worth noting about Turimetta is that it changes dramatically based on the amount of sand thats thrown up on the Southern end.  My first visit to Turimetta was at a time when a lot of sand had been washed away revealing a gorgeous deep gorge filled with boulders.  As locals quickly informed me this was most unusual and it wasn’t long before much of the gorge was filled with sand again.

The Rock Faces of Turimetta

There is a pretty unique rock that stands out on the Southern end of the beach.  It is quite photogenic in it’s own right, but if you look closely at the rock you will see a number of images carved into it.  A dove, and a weird mans face with the words RIP are carved into the rock.

Night Photography

Turimetta is very sheltered from local light making it great for night landscape photography.  There is no illumination on the beaches or rocks with the exception of some spill lighting from North Narrabeen tidal pool.

Sea Storm at Dawn

Special Equipment

You don’t need anything really special for Turimetta, the beach faces due East, so sunrise photographers would benefit from Grad ND filters and normal ND filters.  If you are walking around the rocks, I recommend good rock sandals with an enclosed toe… that way it doesn’t matter if your feet get wet,  your toes are protected and they have reasonable grip ton the rocks.

Best Time of The Day

Pre-dawn and sunrise of course

Tidal Information

Turimetta looks totally different depending on the tides.  Probably the most dramatic rock shots are to be had at low tide.  Tides of about 1m will see waves crashing over the tops of the rocks (including the main rock shelf), while high tides will see the rocks surrounded in water.  You can shoot Turrimetta at any tide and get great shots, however if I were to pick an optimal tide to shoot this location I would say lower tides (< 1m) will give you more shooting options.

Careful of large swells if you are out on the rock shooting on the rock shelves.  I wouldn’t really call Turrimetta a dangerous place to shoot, but if your not careful you can get wet feet or a wet camera pretty easily.

Wind Information

Turimetta is very sheltered from Southerly and Westerly winds with the steep cliff faces providing great shelter

Getting there

Click Here to see the location marked on Google Maps

Best place to park is either Pearl Place or Narrabeen Park Parade in North Narrabeen. There is a clearly marked trail leading down to the South Side of the Beach and a separate trail heading down to the North Side of the Beach.  The trail is easy to navigate and does not require any special physical ability.

Author Bio

Brent Pearson


  1. Kirk Hille February 16, 2009

    Great — Great Guide Brent ,
    Will be over in Sydney by the weeks end this is deffinatly going to be a stop for me

  2. David Haworth June 24, 2009

    This Sunday — Hi Brent
    Me Malcolm and Xenedis (Johnno ) will be giving this a run this Sudnay morning. Tide will be low so looking forward to a good morning shoot. Thanks for the guide.

  3. Donald Goldney August 26, 2010

    will be there saturday tomorrow. — Im going to shoot the rocks and try and get round to the blow hole via the rocks, i take it you can get all the way round from turrumitta to the blow hole?
    cheers don.

  4. Anonymous October 6, 2010

    October 2010 — Thank you for this guide – I would have never knew this place existed being a sandgroper.

    Heading there this weekend again and I am hoping the green moss is there.

  5. Christopher Chan March 24, 2011

    Superb ! — Very comprehensive and insightful.

  6. paula de barros October 1, 2011

    Thanks for the info — Hi, Went over there today, the information was great and we took great shots from it. Thanks a lot for the info.Cheers

  7. Tony Palliser Photographer January 15, 2012

    The best site in Sydney — This location really is special Even after dawn



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