North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island or Straddie as it is known locally, is a short ferry/barge hop from the Brisbane suburb of Cleveland, and is home to wonderful beaches, fishing, fine dining and of course, photogenic locations/subjects …


Special Photographic Features or Notes

Most of Straddie including Blue and Brown lakes is accessible by conventional two wheel drive vehicles and the villages of Dunwich (west), Amity Point (North West) and Point Lookout (North East) offer a variety of accommodation (camping to plush units) and dining (takeaway to upmarket).

If you are wanting something more adventurous, Flinders Beach (North) and Main Beach (East) provides beach camping for fully self contained campers with access to a 4wd.

We opted to camp on the dunes at Main Beach

Camping on the dunes
Camping on the dunes

Main Beach

In addition to the usual beach activities of fishing and swimming, photographically, each day on the beach offered a different mood …

gold coast from Main Beach
Gold Coast from Main Beach

Down South

Storm over Point Lookout
Storm over Point Lookout

Rainbow from the campsite


Morning pano
Morning pano

In addition to the beach scenery, we were fortunate enough to time our visit to coincide with the whale watching season, and were right beside the whale super highway, with regular sightings throughout the day, and we even a playful one just out past the breakers …

Whale breaching just beyond the breakers
Whale breaching just beyond the breakers

The local wildlife includes an array of birds, wallabies, goannas and probably plenty of other species if you know where to look, all of which seemed quite happy to pose for the camera….


Trying to figure out how to get that discarded eel in a 30 knot headwind
Trying to figure out how to get that discarded eel in a 30 knot headwind

gliding by in the late afternoon sun
Gliding by in the late afternoon sun

making plenty of noise
Making plenty of noise

a curious visitor
A curious visitor

Night Photography

There are also plenty of opportunities for night photography either from the beach or along the headlands. We played with long exposures in the near full moon …

Long exposure looking north
Long exposure looking north

Long Exposure looking south
Long Exposure looking south

Unfortunately our planned take on the full moon rising and star trails were clouded out. Light pollution from the Gold Coast due south and to a lesser extent Point Lookout due north are problematic, but there are still plenty of opportunities with gnarly fallen trees on the beach, so hopefully on our next visit …

Sunrise on the beach is also another on the to do list for next visit, as a band of low clouds on the horizon led to a lack of enthusiasm most days.

Special Equipment

Nothing really required although a wide angle is handy if you don’t like stitched panos and obviously the longer lens the better when it comes to whales and wildlife.

Best Time to Shoot

Any time …

Getting there

Ferries to between Dunwich on Straddie and Cleveland on the mainland depart hourly, advance bookings are recommended, especially during peak times – see –

Maps are available online in PDF format to download


And if camping or driving on the beach, don’t forget to visit Straddie Camping at to make bookings and get the necessary permits

Food & Accommodation

Obviously if camping you need to be self sufficient, otherwise there is an array of takeaways, cafes and restaurants available, as well as a grocery store at Point Lookout for extra supplies


Enjoy your stay and remember to tread lightly.

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Ross and Cher

A married couple enjoying a new frontier….what started as a hobby became a passion and now… Landscapes natural and man made are a first love, but enjoy the challenges of candid, machinery and lifestyle images. The images that we create are an extension of ourselves. It allows us to show others life as we see it and we enjoy showing things in simple but unique ways.

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