Wellington Point

Wellington Point is a tip of land perched and surrounded by the waters of Moreton Bay. It is approximately 25km East of the City of Brisbane.

An area that was settled early in Brisbane’s history where land on the isthmus was gazetted for a reserve….it is here they planted some Giant Fig trees and set aside areas for picnics, BBQs, for aquatic and leisure pursuits.

There is plenty of parking albeit very popular on weekends and access to the foreshore very easy.

Special Photographic Features or Notes


Low tides avail one to many subjects suitable for Macro or Still Life Photography including shells, textures in the sand, mangroves etc.One can also walk out along the isthmus to King Island at low tide.

With high tides one can select aquatic events such as boating, yachting, fishing, kite surfing, kayaking, wind surfing etc.

The South easterlies will bring in the kite surfers and sailboarders to the North East and North of the point and a Northerly will bring them onto the West side of the spit which is excellent for shooting them at sunset

Boating & Fishing

You will often see scenes of people fishing either from the shore or from the pier.

 Best Time of the Day

As usual with most seascapes the better times of day are around sunrise and sunset with the sun rising over Stradbroke Island and the sun setting over Brisbane;however you can still get excellent shots in partly cloudy weather through the diffusion of light. Afternoons can be excellent for B&W photography.

There is also reasonable bird life including eagles, pelicans and seagulls.


  • For sunrises and sunsets a couple of Grad grey filters will come in very handy
  • A polariser can be an asset
  • Tripod
  • Cable Release
  • I often carry a shower cap for the filters if it’s windy or rain about
  • Money for an ice cream at the Kiosk

Tidal Information

Wellington Tide Times

Wind Information

Brownies Coast Watch

Getting There

Best if you have your own transport  but you can catch a train (Cleveland Line) and/or bus service from the city……then cab to the point

Author Bio

Nick Lagos


  1. Garry Schlatter December 17, 2008

    Stunning — Great guide Nick, I trust many local photographers will appreciate your guide.

  2. Kyle Durigan December 18, 2008

    Wow — You astound me with your guides. very informative, and very beautifully illistrated. well done my friend and hopefully my next guide will have a little of your inspiration in it 😉

    -Kyle Durigan

  3. mel brackstone December 21, 2008

    Fantastic! — Your images are always outstanding, now there’s a guide to how to get some of them! Wonderful work Nick!

  4. Andy Frazer February 9, 2010

    Directions? — This looks like a very interesting place, Nick. Since I live in the US, I may never get a chance to visit it. But for the sake of completion, could you add a link to a map in the GETTING THERE section?


    Andy Frazer

    • Dan Lewis February 9, 2010

      I agree with Andy F. This is a very nice article. I’d like to encourage an edit to tell us all where Brisbane is. Some of us don’t know what country Brisbane is part of. Assume we know absolutely nothing when you write articles like these, please.

  5. Lynny December 30, 2012

    Just want to thank you and the free photo guides site – I live on the Bayside Redlands and know about Wellington Point, Cleveland for great landscapes-but have no idea about good sites surrounding brisbane. The map is a great idea to click on and view. Thanks again for putting it out there where you take some of your beautiful photos and giving newbies like myself ideas of other places where to go.

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