Cornwall Park


Cornwall Park is a landscaped park designed for the recreation and enjoyment of all the people of New Zealand. The park is renowned for its landscape design and its wide variety of mature trees. It is centred on a volcanic cone, One Tree Hill, with many interesting geological features and provides numerous opportunities for landscape photography.

Special Photographic Features or Notes

One Tree Hill is the most famous and recognisable feature of Cornwall Park, and one of the most photographed.

However there are no specific areas that are more photogenic than others. It’s just a case of wandering through the park and finding good compositions using the light you have.

Special Equipment

You don’t need anything really special for Cornwall Park It provides both east- and west-facing views so sunrise and sunset photographers would benefit from Grad ND filters.  Good walking shoes or boots would be recommended as there are lots of little hills to climb and explore.

Best Time of The Day

Sunrise and sunset, although daytime shots are also possible with good light.

Tidal Information

Not applicable as there are no bodies of water at the park.

Wind Information

Wind isn’t really an issue at Cornwall Park.

Getting there

Click here to see the location marked on Google Maps

There are numerous entrances to Cornwall Park. Parking is available in the grounds as well as on the surrounding streets. Just take note of the park’s opening hours as the gates are locked after hours.

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