Coogee Beach

I had the pleasure to live on the Eastern Beaches of Sydney for over a year before I turned professional with photography and made it my full time career. I lived only minutes from the beautiful Coogee Beach. It is an area that has numerous photographic opportunities for any kind of photographer. But it really lends itself to the panoramic format.

Special Photographic Features or Notes:

Coogee Beach is a public beach located between Bondi and Maroubra. The shot above is taken on sunset. The beach has several key elements to photograph without any real exploration.

First the image above is taken on the area above the bath house that is located at the southern end of the beach. It is a great spot when you want to capture the whole of Coogee Beach. Perfect on either sunrise or sunset. This shot is on sunset.

Then you have the bath house itself that lends to an unlimited range of compositions. As pictured below. The baths themselves are refreshed by the turning tide and are surrounded by large concrete blocks that are quite unique. This shot is on sunrise.

At the Northern end of the beach you have a delighful view of the beach overlooking a row of small tin boats that are moored on the beach featured below. This shot is on sunset.

Further back from the above image and on the paved walk way you can capture a great view of the whole beach encompasing the boats and the beach leading towards the baths. featured below. This shot is on sunset.

Best times of the day:

Coogee Beach is fantasic at any time of the day and year. From my experience as always sunrise and sunset are then best. The shot below is taken during the day to give you an idea of what can be taken in this light.

Tidal Information:

Not really applicable to coastal shooting at this location. Either high or low tide your compositions or shots are not going to be effected greatly.

Getting there:

Coogee Beach is on Arden Road, Coogee.

Author Bio

Matt Lauder

I am professional landscape photographer based just outside of Sydney. My work has been sold and displayed to companies and private collectors around the world. I have commercial contracts with calendar companies and have shot for high profile clients like NSW Tourism, Dept of Environment and Conservation, National Parks and Wildlife, Channel 7 and other government departments. My work is featured in numerous tourism and private promotional printed media and web sites. I shoot on both slide film and pro digital on a daily basis and I run photography courses for the beginner to the advanced photographer. Covering all aspects of photography from basic set up and capture to advanced techniques and development of images. You will be taught my full capture to print workflow, nothing is left out. If the work on my web site inspires you then my courses will make taking shots like this a reality. Digital or film, private or group day courses or a full weekend long workshop my courses will get you there. My website and further course details can be found here.

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