Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach was my backyard when I lived on the Eastern Beaches. I literally lived only minutes from the popular Mahon Pool and of a morning I could stand on my outdoor chair in the back yard and see the ocean. Which came in handy when predicting a great sunrise. The image below is a typical shot taken on Maroubra Beach on sunrise. Just down from the Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club.

Special Photographic Features or Notes:

Maroubra Beach is a public beach. The beach has a great view point from Marine Pde near the intersection of Bond Street. That is where the below two images were taken from. The first is one of my favorite images taken on sunset. Kind of reminds me of a shot from Lord of Rings.

The next shot from this location taken on sunrise. WARNING: This location requires you to stand on a sandstone rock ledge and there are no barriers. Exercise caution when shooting in this area.

The above shots are from the southern end of the beach. The northern end does have a few nice features as well, but nothing compared with the southern end of the beach. But an image from the nothern end is below.

Now moving onto what I believe is the gem in the crown of the Maroubra area and that is Mahon Pool. Featured below. This shot was the first I took of the area and is on sunset.

After a storm. The beautiful rainbow and it’s lighter twin. A common sight.

Best times of the day:

Maroubra Beach is at it’s best in the morning and evening light. What place isnt. But to get the best shots I think selecting days with interesting cloud will enhance any shot taken here.

Tidal Information:

Not really applicable to coastal shooting at this location. Either high or low tide your compositions or shots are not going to be effected greatly.

Getting there:

Maroubra Beach is on Marine Pde. Mahon Pool is located on Marine Pde also near the intersection of The Corso.

Author Bio

Matt Lauder

I am professional landscape photographer based just outside of Sydney. My work has been sold and displayed to companies and private collectors around the world. I have commercial contracts with calendar companies and have shot for high profile clients like NSW Tourism, Dept of Environment and Conservation, National Parks and Wildlife, Channel 7 and other government departments. My work is featured in numerous tourism and private promotional printed media and web sites. I shoot on both slide film and pro digital on a daily basis and I run photography courses for the beginner to the advanced photographer. Covering all aspects of photography from basic set up and capture to advanced techniques and development of images. You will be taught my full capture to print workflow, nothing is left out. If the work on my web site inspires you then my courses will make taking shots like this a reality. Digital or film, private or group day courses or a full weekend long workshop my courses will get you there. My website and further course details can be found here.

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  1. Tim May 16, 2017

    HI Matt,

    Are Maroubra images still available for purchase?

    Currently live in Melbourne so I hope postage wont be an issue.



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