Prisoner’s Fantasy Gorge

This gem is nestled near a picturesque golf course in the Eastern suburbs near La-Perouse. The rocky outcrops and platforms offer a multitude of compositions. Although it’s a relative easy walk, there are steep cliffs and one should take extreme care at the edge.

The beach has very little sand and is full of small shells etc which makes good macro subjects.

Tidal Information

We visited at tides of 0.9m with a huge 2.6m swell. Despite this, there was relatively easy access with a bit of scrambling over stable rocks.
During low tide, the landscape would look quite different but would still offer ample oppportunity.

Wind Information

This area is exposed to the East but protected from North and South.

Getting There

Parking is near the edge of the Golf course and next to the church. The beach can be accessed via a relatively modern set of steps and the Southern rocky outcrops can be access by walking along the coastline.


There is a toilet and taps on the beach

Night Photography

This area would be unlit at night. Go at your own peril.

Special Equipment

  • Torch or headlamp
  • Sandals/scuba booties are optional as you can probably keep your feet dry here (especially if it’s high tide)

Author Bio

Suren J


  1. Andrew April 16, 2013

    Thanks for the guide, would love to see some shots from here

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