Sheathers Wharf

I am currently based on the Central Coast and the area is stacked with scenes like this. Some are hard to find and they can be there one moment and gone the next, but Sheathers Wharf is a location with a lot of character and the scene pretty much stays the same during the year.

Special Photographic Features or Notes:

The jetty is privately owned and the aesthetic nature of scene can change during the year as boats and oyster vessels are moored and moved from the jetty. The jetty is marked “No trespassing” so respect the owners wishes and shoot from the shore line or up the jetty a bit. There are no real photographic opportunities at the end of the jetty near the shed.

On sunrise the sun will breach the horizon to the right of the shed. As pictured below.

Best times of the day:

This location will shine on sunrise as any colourful sky will be reflected in the surrounding water. Though on sunrise you will be prone to having a darker look on the jetty and shed due to the dynamic range unless you do multiple exposure blending.
On sunset the high mountains directly behind you block out any afternoon light directly falling on the area, though this will allow you to take shots that have a smoother exposure transition from shadow to highlight.

The shot below is taken on sunrise (Fuji G617 on Velvia slide):

At night because of the direct overhead street lighting where you are standing I find it kills the shot, especially if you are wanting to capture any star movement.

Tidal Information:

Shooting this are isnt really effected by high or low tides and the location will not change too much.

Getting there:

Sheathers Wharf is located along Brisbane Water Drive, Koolewong.

Author Bio

Matt Lauder

I am professional landscape photographer based just outside of Sydney. My work has been sold and displayed to companies and private collectors around the world. I have commercial contracts with calendar companies and have shot for high profile clients like NSW Tourism, Dept of Environment and Conservation, National Parks and Wildlife, Channel 7 and other government departments. My work is featured in numerous tourism and private promotional printed media and web sites. I shoot on both slide film and pro digital on a daily basis and I run photography courses for the beginner to the advanced photographer. Covering all aspects of photography from basic set up and capture to advanced techniques and development of images. You will be taught my full capture to print workflow, nothing is left out. If the work on my web site inspires you then my courses will make taking shots like this a reality. Digital or film, private or group day courses or a full weekend long workshop my courses will get you there. My website and further course details can be found here.

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