Nudgee Beach, Brisbane

Nudgee Beach

Best Times and where to park

Sunrise at Nudgee beach is the best, it faces out onto Moreton Bay, and no matter what the season, you will see the sun rise over the rippled sand, as long as it is low tide. Check the tide times to make sure that low tide is close to sunrise time, otherwise you might end up with little to shoot.  Park in the carpark and walk down the ramp out onto the sand.


You’ll need all the standard photographic gear for landscape, including camera, tripod, cable release, wide angle lens, graduated neutral density filters and holders, a spare set of dry shoes and pest repellent such as RID or Aerogard. If you’re planning a longer stay, then a macro and telephoto can also come in handy, since there are boardwalks and wetlands nearby.

Points of interest

The low angle of the sun allows the textures of the sand to shine, both as foreground elements and abstracts on their own. Nudgee is situated near the airport, and Fishermans Island, so there are interesting lights to the South, and to the North you’ll see the lights of Sandgate.

Looking North.

Looking South.

Other things to see

If you enjoy photographing reflections and interesting patterns, then Nudgee beach can be a wonderful experience. There is a boardwalk through the mangroves further to the North of the carpark, and you are able to capture macros of some of the mangrove oddities. At the end of the boardwalk there is also a bird hide, where you might be able to see pelicans, gulls, cormorants, sea eagles, stilts, sandpipers, oyster catchers and other fascinating birdlife.

Often, once the sun has risen, you’ll also see people walking their dogs, and occasionally a horse rider. These all make magnificent subjects, particularly if you are able to capture reflections as well.

Map of Nudgee

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Mel Brackstone


  1. Jim Robertson October 1, 2008

    Hi Mel — Hi Mel
    What a beautiful guide to a beautiful place.
    Kind regards

  2. Brent Pearson November 5, 2008

    Nice one Mel…. Love the sand textures — Hi Mel, this guides is fantastic. I’ve never heard of this place, but the sand ripples and textures are really incredible. I look forward to exploring it on one of my trips to QLD.


  3. Tim Donnelly November 5, 2008

    Hi Mel,

    How interesting a place does this look…too much fun in the sun I’d say.

    Nice one



  4. David Haworth December 6, 2008

    Nice guide Mel.. One top put in the to do list!

  5. Neil Gavin December 8, 2008

    Alternative Access — You can also get onto the beach via a smaller car park on the left-turn bend of O’Quinn Street just past the Environment Centre bus stop from where you can walk right (East-ish) down to the more beachy beach where at the right time of year you may find lots of jellyfish, soldier crabs etc. There are some interesting trees down that way, too.

    • mel brackstone December 8, 2008

      Thanks Neil, I was there today, actually, and there are some very interesting trees! I’ll be going back there again very soon!

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